AGZA Service Pro Certification Course Level 1: Basic

Meet consumer demands by transitioning to cleaner, quieter electric lawn and garden equipment. This course will teach you everything you need to know about making the switch to electric, and how it will save you money in the long run.

Now Is the Time to Switch to Electric

More than ever before, individuals and institutions are demanding environmentally friendly options for the services they utilize. But the lawn care industry still remains heavily reliant on gas-powered equipment, which is being met with consumer unrest and complaints. Many communities are currently legislating restrictions on the pollution and noise creating equipment, and some states are even considering statewide bans. Due to the negative environmental impact, unpleasant noise, and health risk to workers, gas-powered equipment is well on its way out.

So what does this mean for companies and institutions that still use gas-powered equipment? 

It means that now is the best time to make the switch to using cleaner, quieter, safer electric-powered lawn care equipment. But this transition can be a daunting one due to the high initial cost, and having to learn how to operate and train workers to use completely new equipment.

That’s why The American Green Zone Alliance created our
AGZA Service Pro Certification Course. 

This course is designed to provide all the education and training land care professionals need to successfully transition to electric equipment. You’ll be able to satisfy your customers while eliminating costly fuel and maintenance expenses to offset the cost of your new equipment.  

Be On The “Cutting Edge” & Go Cleaner and Greener

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Why Should You Get AGZA Certified?

By taking our certification course and making the switch to electric, you’ll be able to: 

  • Appeal to customers who prefer a quieter, safer, and more environmentally friendly lawn care option

  • Get ahead of the curve and continue operating as usual when gas equipment is restricted or banned

  • Save money over time by eliminating your current fuel and maintenance expenses

  • Protect your workers and the environment from harmful gas emissions

  • Improve the quality of life in your community by reducing noise and pollution

What You Will Learn 

Throughout this course, you will learn all the essentials you need to know to make your transition to electric equipment a smooth one, including:

  • How to choose the right equipment for your business
  • How electric equipment works, and how to operate it
  • Maintenance and safety procedures for optimal performance and product life
  • Proper electric equipment charging and storage
  • Options for renewable energy sources to power your equipment

About AGZA

The American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) is the country’s leading source for zero-emission landscape maintenance strategies. 

AGZA’s National Green Zone Initiatives have helped countless companies, municipalities, universities, and schools safely and cost-effectively transition gas operations to successful battery-electric and people-powered maintenance routines. 

Ready to be on the cutting-edge of the lawn care industry 
by making the switch to electric equipment?

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AGZA Service Pro Certification Course Online Level 1: Basic - Course Curriculum

About Your Instructors

Dan Mabe
Dan Mabe
Founder, CEO and President of AGZA

Meet Dan Mabe

Dan Mabe is the Founder, CEO, and President of The American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA). AGZA is shifting on a tectonic scale on how grounds maintenance operations are executed and the technology used for this massive industry. AGZA's efforts have resulted in the creation of green-collar jobs, improved the health of grounds maintenance workers and communities, reduced negative environmental impacts on our planet, and enhanced the quality of life in AGZA Green Zone areas.

Jamie Banks
Jamie Banks
Founder and Executive Director of Quiet Communities

Meet Jamie Banks

Jamie Banks, PhD, MS is an environmentalist and health care scientist with an extensive background in health outcomes and economics, environmental behavior, and policy. Dr. Banks was a senior consultant at Abt Associates, CRA International, and ML Strategies, the consulting arm of the law firm of Mintz, Levin. Before Quiet Communities, she founded and served as Chief Scientific Officer at Planet Rewards, a company pioneering online products to promote and sustain positive eco-friendly behaviors.  For seven years, she chaired her town’s committee on landscape maintenance, culminating in a town bylaw and teaches the Energy, Pollution, and Climate Change section of NOFA’s Organic Land Care Accreditation course. She holds a PhD in Social Policy/Health Economics (University of Kent, UK), and Masters’ degrees from MIT and Dartmouth Medical School.

Learn All The Essentials You Need To Know To Make Your Transition To Electric Equipment A Smooth One.

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